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Our Approach

At FeraLabs we have a fresh and different approach to understanding the users behavior. We have built and continue to develop tools and techniques to help our clients quantify what people using their websites actually do.

The techniques that we have developed create actionable metrics, as well as qualitative data to enable you to improve the users experience on your website. These actionable metrics will allow you to increase customer conversion rates, and the performance of your website. Our philosophy behind our technology is that it should enable you to have an early conversation with potential users of your site.

How we can help you

FeraLabs unique technology, Webnographer, can help you understand your users experiences using Remote Usability Testing, and get details about your users behaviour from web analytics, as well as surveying your customers opinions.

What makes us different is our commitment to using the tools of web to understand user behaviour.

We have a strong background in using techniques from statistics, to psychology, to the new science of behavioural economics to help you gain better insights into how well your website works with the people who see it.


Webnographer is our unique software that enables Remote Usability Testing, detailed web analytics, and a surveying tool to help you gain insight.

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What we do

We use the new techniques of the web, instead of traditional based studies, to help you understand your users behaviour.

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